Frequently Asked Question

Cluster Flies

For best results we recommend that the treatment is carried out late afternoon or when raining as it is likely that the majority of the flies will be within their harbourage areas.

Cluster flies are historical and hence yearly or bi-yearly treatments may be required.

The cost will vary depending on the size of the property and infestation size.

A standard 3 bed house will cost £90 + VAT (£108 inc.) and this will include:

1. Space treatment via a ULV - Ultra Low Volume insecticide within the attic.

2. Treatment of infected windows on the south facing locations with an oil based insecticide.

The price will increase if external dusting of hanging tiles and cladding are required.

We do not guarantee the long-lasting effects of a treatment as the ULV will leave minimal residue.

The vast majority of infected properties will gain full control, but not complete eradication, of their flies.