Frequently Asked Question

Cockroaches (Oriental & German)

The initial priority is to find out the source and size of the infestation.

This can be undertaken by using sticky insect traps within various locations to capture and monitor the direction on which they travel.

It is unlikely that you will gain complete and long-lasting control of an infestation if the source is within another property adjacent to yours. If you are in flats it may be wise to consider arranging a block treatment via your managing agents.

Cockroaches control can be undertaken in 2 ways

1. Spray with an insecticide and IGR - Insect Growth Regulator to all surfaces, nests and other activity areas.


2. Treatment with an insecticide gel to the affected areas.

The treatment of a standard infestation requires 3 treatments and would cost £180 + VAT (£216 inc.) any additional visits are offered at a discounted rate of 50%

We do not guarantee this service.

If the infestation is local to the area then you are likely to control this under 1 or 2 visits.