Frequently Asked Question

Ants (Black & Garden)

We have 2 treatment methods for the control of garden/black ants.

1. Treatment with a liquid insecticide by spraying all the wall/floor junctions within the affected areas, the nest and any crack and crevices with a powder insecticide.

The cost for this is £50 + VAT (£60 inc.)


2. Treatment with an ant bait gel within the location of the nest and/or activity.

The cost for this is £50 + VAT (£60 inc.)

We do not guarantee treatments as new nests can form within the vicinity.

Additional visits are charged at our basic call rate of £30 + VAT (£36 inc.)

It is generally recommended that option 2 is undertaken however this can take a few weeks to fully take control and eradicate the nest.

Option 1 can have immediate effects with the main workers but is less likely in some situations to control the queen.