Frequently Asked Question

Bed bugs

Bed bugs are likely the hardest of all insects to kill. This is due to a waxy exoskeleton skin that prevents most insecticides from penetrating.

Site survey required to formulate a bespoke solution before treatment can commence.

At Sussex Pest Control a typical treatment would involve a 3 stage treatment process, with multiple treatments required.

1. Inspection followed by treatment with an insecticide to all of the bed frame, skirting boards, bedroom furniture and any other possible harbourage that the bugs are using.

2. Treatment of cracks and crevices including internal bed frames & electrical sockets with a Diatomaceous earth (an organic substance)

3. Treatment of the room with a ULV - Ultra Low Volume insecticide.

We offer a discount for multiply rooms.

We do not guarantee any bedbug treatment and we must point out that multiply treatments may be required (however most are under control within 1 visit).

The source of the infestation must be highlighted to prevent re-occurring infestations.