Frequently Asked Question


Rats are a major pest and must be controlled to prevent damage to property and the transmission of diseases.

Rats can be tricky to control as they only require minimal amounts of food to survive. Generally rats in rural areas are straight forward however some towns including Brighton and Worthing can be difficult due to neophobia and general bait shyness.

Our services include the following:

1. Inspection of the area to find the source and entrance points.

2. Treatment with a rodenticide and/or traps within a controlled and safe environment.

3. Removal of accessible dead rodents.

4. Removal of accessible bait at the end of the visit.

5. Provision of recommendations to reduce the risk of future activity.

The cost of our treatment is £145 + VAT (£174 inc.) for a 3 part treatment, which is usually sufficient. Should additional visits be required these may be chargeable.

Prices will vary on larger infestations such as farms and country estates.

We do not guarantee treatments or long-term control as new migrating mice can reuse old tunnels and nesting grounds.